Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Takeshita-Dori, Harajuka

Once we'd had our fill of calm at the Senso-Ji Temple, I decided we should visit the Takeshita-Dori shopping area.  Lucky we had metro tickets coz it was completely the other side of town!!!  My reason for wanting to see this street is that I had read it was a 'psychedelic abandon, where you'll see French Maids, cyberpunks, rastas... and characters from anime and manga engaged in cosplay - a combination of role-playing and fancy dress'.  Intriguing.......

Well, needless to say, we arrived and it was basically just a trendy shopping street for the youth culture!  Quite disappointing really.  Well, I say disappointing - it was nice - a bit like Carnaby Street in London.  We walked the length of it without really stopping - shopping not really being our thing!  At the other end we reached an area very similar to that of Oxford Street, London - basically the Designer Area; Armani, Burberry, etc.

If you're into shopping this is a great area - unfortunately - it's just not us.

Back on the tube, and back to hotel for a nap (via the co-op equivalent for a sarnie and some washing powder - yes, washing powder!!! - An exciting day in the basement laundry planned for tomorrow).  Couldn't get tickets for the match on Wednesday - disappointing, so now need to decide on something else.

Nap time...... toss up between Tokyo Tower or the high tech elec light area this evening, depends on weather conditions...

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