Thursday, 6 January 2011

Jazz Clubs in Tokyo - My Recommendation. IMHO the Best Jazz Club in Tokyo with Online Booking and Directions to find it.

Tokyo is a big city. It can be difficult for an outsider to find those warm and welcoming atmospheric surrounding from which to really experience the Japanese spirit. Viewing Japanese entertainment can be a very successful way to get closer to the heart of Japan.

You may be a seasoned Jazz fan or it may be your first time, but visiting a quality Jazz Club in Tokyo is a must for anyone wanting to expand their holiday experience.

We would recommend this Jazz Club to anyone visiting Tokyo from the West. It is a wonderful 'Basement' style club with both tables and bench bar seating. The audience is small enough to really interact with the stage and the locals are very friendly and will make you feel at home.

B-Flat Jazz Club.
6-6-4, Sakae Bldg B1,
Akasaka, Minato-ku.

Tel: 03-5563-2563 for Details
Web: - Use Google Chrome for a Good Translation

The website has a projected schedule for the month ahead and it is very easy to book your seat online, using the email address supplied on the site. You simply write to them asking if it would be possible to reserve a number of seats (You could mention that "Colin Hall San" had recommended the Bflat Club to you) and they will respond with a reservation confirmation ... You pay at the door, depending on the particular tarif for the occasion ... It's very easy.

Finding the Bflat club can be a bit tricky, as it is not on the main road, but tucked back on a minor road. Use these coordinates on Google Earth and you will be able to visualise where to look for this superb jazz club in Tokyo (  35°40'13.31"N  -  139°44'15.07"E )