Sunday, 19 December 2010

La Qua area

Just got back from walking the immediate area.  Had dinner at La Mangia Mangia (a japanese take on the italian restaurant); Col had baby Pilchards (eeuch - could see the eyeballs) and I had pasta with ham and cabbage!  Good food, good Chardonnay, good service.
Seemed to find the Xmas light celebration area; whoever said the Japanese don't do Christmas hasn't witnessed this.  Fabulous lights, especially the lettuce display - yes... LETTUCES!!!!
Then joined a queue of what seemed to be excited people to see what was going on, only to discover it was the metro rush!!  Ooops, backed out rapidly.
A pleasant walk, not too busy, but back at hotel room by 10.30pm to try and get more sleep; hopefully will get us over the jet-lag.
Nighty-night all
B xxx

 Baby Pilchards with Shrimp for Tea !

 Contrary to popular belief ... Christmas is bigger in Tokyo than in London ;-)

Up 'n at 'em

OK - few hours kip under the belt, so now awake and looked at room (bloodshot eyes calmed down a little to pretty pink shade!).  All the normal stuff supplied... tea, kettle, hairdryer.... paper slippers?, dressing gowns!  Shower in bath.... very high step if you're a little japanese person, but an equally extreme low toilet (imagine sitting on one of the child seats in your primary school classroom).

Showered, changed and off out to see what the local scene is all about.... wish us luck.... maps to hand!

Narita Airport - Hotel

Arrived Narita airport... checking in thro' customs was easy (all signs giving an English translation - phewee), and we then found a bus from the airport to Tokyo Central station (6,000 yen [about £48.00] as opposed 250,000 yen for taxi!).  Then navigated our way to metro underground and a tube to nearish our hotel.  Walked remainder to Hotel Wing International - our home for the next 14 days.  Hotel staff greeted us in English, and allowed us to check in an hour early - lucky coz I couldn't stay awake a minute longer.  Col's unpacking - me tooo sleepy.... yeah... bed.....

Paris, France - Narita, Tokyo

Departed Paris before the snow set it.... admittedly we were an hour late taking off due to iced up flaps and rudder on the plane - yikes.  Advice: make sure you're one of the last to board, coz sitting around for the extra hour was mind numbingly dull.
Flight was exhausting, stifling, cramped, and full of spluttery, sneezy, germ breeders.  Used up whole pack of Saniwipes, half packof Ibuprofen, and Throaties - will let you know if the anti-germ campaign worked; no doubt will know within next few hours.
Flight food OK (nuffink special); flight staff pleasant and helpful.

We Here ... But too knackered to Blog !

Sorry everyone, but we've not slept in 40 odd hours, so we're to knackered to blog tonight ;-)

Good Night ;-)