Sunday, 26 December 2010

Quiet Day in Shibuya Tokyo ... Seeking Peace in a Looney Toon Party Town !

Decided to have a calmer, slower day today, with much less walking - it never happens that way though.  Made our way over to a Theatre in the Bunkamura building, Shibuya area (Theatre/Show land), with the intention of watching a play called Baikin (The Bacteria).  After queue-ing outside the ticket office with lots of other people for over half an hour and it not opening, impatience got the better of us and we gave up and instead headed off in search of a Cinema; easier said than found!

Eventually came across a Cinema called Cine Palace.  The difficulty in locating it arises because its based on the 6th and 7th floors of an office block / shopping mall, and trying to see the cinema name / advert from ground floor is quite a feat!  Looked at the billing, and decided to watch a Japanese film (it was that or Harry Potter), didn't know what to expect as it was all written in Japanese but what the heck - we're here to experience their lifestyle - not to see something we can get at home....  You can imagine my surprise when I later found out it was called 'Abacus and Sword' - and is the story of a Samurai Book-keeper!!!!  I came here to get away from work.. what a visual reminder

This is an average Sunday shopping day in the Shibuya area; there had to be more people here per square foot than we experienced in Disneyland yesterday.  It was absolutely manic as we were making our way out at 3.00pm, and the stream of people arriving from the metro showed no signs of slowing up.

This is just a demonstration of the list of shop signs you have to read on each building when trying to find a specific location.  Needless to say, we probably managed to upset a few locals each time we stopped in the middle of a walkway to look up, get a crick in our necks, only to find we still weren't at our desired spot!

Once we'd finished at the Cinema, we took a stroll around to buy some snack food for later, then made our way towards home.  Stopped off at a Japanese restaurant for dinner; had a grilled/bbq platter of mixed meats and vegetables - imagine our joy at eating the side dish of boiled shredded cabbage with chopsticks - we're really get the hang of things now.  In fact, the platter was actually so nice we ordered a second one!  Yummmm