Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Senso-Ji Temple, Asakusa

Up and off out; decided not to bully our feet and instead got an all day metro pass each.

First item on the Agenda - visiting the Senso-Ji Temple; this has to be the most amazing, and dramatic building seen so far.  It's a beautiful shade of burnt red with gold accents, and surrounded by many other smaller shrines, a 5-tier pagoda, and many statues.  Absolutely teaming with people, it's still used as a practising temple; visitors were washing their mouths using the well, then cleansing themselves with incense before entering the temple for guidance.

Col made his offering and took part in a fortune telling ritual; it included donating a coin, shaking a metal container which deposited you with a stick, then having to match the stick to a drawer which contains the fortune paper.   Will decide later on the accuracy of the fortune....

The walkway to the Temple is a massive shopping channel of people selling souvenir gifts and clothing.  It seems a little out of place for such a calming religious spot, but worked in harmony nonetheless.

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