Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Does it rain in Tokyo - Live witness account !

Short Video of some lights ...

Well, we decided to check out the Techno Area to get some stunning night light photos; unfortunately it absolutely hammered down with rain, so took half a dozen naff shots at most, then made our way back towards the hotel (glad we didn't decide to climb Tokyo Tower - would have been right miserable). Juggling umbrellas in the densely populated area is quite a tough task.

Was just gone 10.00pm by the time we got off the metro (thank god we had bought a day ranger) and most places were closed; luckily for us though, the "English Pub" on the corner of La Qua stays open til 1.00am; fish and chips all round (not sure on the type of fish, but it was white and chunky).

Watched lots of soaked, dripping, pitiful people walking past the window whilst cosied up enjoying our meal and bottle of Soave - contrary to popular belief they do serve normal wine over here (albeit on the pricey side - but worth every penny).  Cheers.....

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