Monday, 20 December 2010

Shrines, Temples and Imporial Palaces

The sun has been glorious today. We have walked about 12 miles and our feet are throbbing nicely.

It has been fascinating to see how integrated both Shinto & Buddhism are in local communities. Walking around Ueno today we have seen shrines and temples nestled in between regular residences. They really add colour and calm to an area. The people here are serene, and contrary to popular belief, they are very friendly and enjoy interaction with strangers.

At Ueno Park there are beautiful shrines and wide open spaces with pathways that lead from one delight to another. There is a wonderful lake temple which sits mysteriously in what looks to be a lake of freshwater poppies.

Walking from Ueno into Tokyo city centre to find the ultimate symbol of Emperial rule. The Imperial Palace is awesome. I mean it's massive and elite and majestirial. I guess it's the way this symbol of ancient rule sits perfectly in amongst the high-rises so well.

Anyway Bev's just having a nap before we hit a restaurant tonight. It's 5pm here (8am in UK).

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