Monday, 20 December 2010

First meal with chopstix; Korean Sundub

Woke up to find Col had eaten remainder of my chocolate orange; bah humbug - how can I enjoy christmas now?

Walked over to La Qua area and just had our first meal using chopstix... quite an experience, as it was a very spicy (although only level 3 of 6 on the heat scale) miso/meat soup with side dishes including rice, veg, crispy pancakes, and a bowl of salad (similar to above).  Have to admit, we were very successful - didn't wear any of it, even though paper bibs had been supplied!  I even had a bottle of Sake (said 60% on the bottle, but I'm still standing so not sure what the percentage referred to).

Now back at hotel enjoying a chilled bottle of chardonnay....

Feet minging from too much walking, so need to sleep again soon. Could be jet lag but I refuse to give in to it.

Hope to book tickets for Mixed Martial Art at the Meets Port Centre for Wednesday.  Theres some kind of big tournament happening.  As we can't find Sumo match... this will do just as well.
Intending to climb Tokyo Tower tomorrow before rain sets in.  (Was 18 degrees and sunny today).

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