Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tokyo Dome and LaQua Spa Centre in Tokyo

Tokyo Dome and LaQua Centre in Tokyo

A few hundred yards from SUIDOBASHI ST. Station in Tokyo is a Spa / Shopping / Entertainment Centre that is well worth a visit when you are in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Dome houses baseball, other sports, exhibitions and pop concerts. It has a huge capacity and while we were there we witnessed the end of a concert, where thousands of hyperactive fans turned out into the surrounding walkways, resembling a sea of excited heads (see picture below).

The complex spreads outwards from the Dome to include the LaQua Spa and Shopping / Eating Centre, also an entertainment centre that includes rides and fun experiences for kids and adults alike.

Nearby is the Tokyo Dome Hotel, one of the premier hotels in Tokyo. In the surrounding areas are pleasant 3 star hotels that offer a great central location to explore this bustling area of Tokyo.

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