Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Comparing Tokyo to London ...

It's no secret that I consider myself to be from London. Although only living there for the first 12 years of my life, I have drawn my strengths from the life experiences that I gained in those first important years. I also love cities, any cities. This visit to Tokyo is the first time that I have ever been surprised by a city. I thought that I had seen just about anything that a city could present to me ... but this one stumped me !

It's not that Tokyo is so clean, it's probably a little better than average, but no great shakes. The thing that knocked me over was the respect ... for life, for property, for personal space ... just about everything is given absolute respect in Tokyo.

As my case in point I present to you this picture of a lovely classical staircase, located a little outside of jazz club area in Tokyo. The picture is nice, but only becomes amazing when I tell you that it is secluded and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 24 hours, without coverage from a CCTV !

In London this would have been spray painted long ago and now be covered by 24hour security to prevent the homeless from building a cardboard living room in it.

This is not weird ... It's the way things should be !

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