Sunday, 19 December 2010

La Qua area

Just got back from walking the immediate area.  Had dinner at La Mangia Mangia (a japanese take on the italian restaurant); Col had baby Pilchards (eeuch - could see the eyeballs) and I had pasta with ham and cabbage!  Good food, good Chardonnay, good service.
Seemed to find the Xmas light celebration area; whoever said the Japanese don't do Christmas hasn't witnessed this.  Fabulous lights, especially the lettuce display - yes... LETTUCES!!!!
Then joined a queue of what seemed to be excited people to see what was going on, only to discover it was the metro rush!!  Ooops, backed out rapidly.
A pleasant walk, not too busy, but back at hotel room by 10.30pm to try and get more sleep; hopefully will get us over the jet-lag.
Nighty-night all
B xxx

 Baby Pilchards with Shrimp for Tea !

 Contrary to popular belief ... Christmas is bigger in Tokyo than in London ;-)

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