Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Lazy Morning stroll around La Qua, Hair Cut booked at 4.00pm

Woke up feeling remarkably OK considering the evening before!  Need to do some more laundry - done more washing here than if we were at home!!!!!  Forget how smoky clothes get when people smoke in bars.  Once the driers were loaded (takes between 2-3 hours for about 6 items of clothing to dry), we took a stroll around La Qua in daylight - just taking in the atmosphere; lots of excited children queue-ing to see the Power Rangers show, and the bustle of teenagers waiting for the amusement rides to start up.

Made our way back to the hotel to finish up the washing, and booked me in at the hairdressers next door for a hair cut at 4.00pm!!  The hairdresser doesn't speak a word of English, and I've no Japanese - not a clue what sort of cut I'll be getting - nothing too extreme I hope as we're off out to the B-flat jazz club this evening! Will keep you posted as to how it goes....

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