Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Introduction to "Our Christmas & New Year Holiday in Tokyo, Japan.

Hi Everyone,

Well the time has come, we are finally only a few hours away from our Christmas & New Year Holiday in Tokyo, Japan. We have been looking forward to this holiday since the Spring and it is our only holiday this year. As a self employed couple it is always hard to find the time to take a holiday, so the obvious time for us would be the Christmas break.

The weather is always a consideration at this time of year and the past 3 weeks have been very cold and snowy. We're told that there is another cold snap on it's way, but we're seriously hoping it will only hit once we've taken off on Saturday morning.

As an introduction I'm going to list the books that we have been reading and the guides that we will be taking with us ... as an insight into what we are expecting.

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