Saturday, 25 December 2010

Disneyland in Tokyo ... At Christmas !

In total contrast to yesterdays' day of art and cultural learning, today we are acting totally out of character for us and spending the day at Disneyland Resort, Tokyo.  A totally childish and indulgent way to be spending Christmas...

Packing out fast with people, children incredibly excited, lots of character hats on heads, and the smell of pancakes, popcorn and possibly chips in the air....

Below:  a video of some of the characters performing with an audience of children (and us).  Check out the rather enthusiastic child who keeps bobbing up every now and then - very into it!

Below:  some photos taken whilst watching the Disney parade [yes - we actually stood and watched the whole show!, it was incredibly cold (about 9 degrees) with a very chilly wind as Disney is built on the coast]:


Not part of the parade - Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee were at the exit to wave us off.
Bev - before purchasing the glittery black furry Mickey hat c/w mouse ears - out of necessity as was starting to get chilly round the ears (well, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!).   Meanwhile, back to the parade...
Photo opportunity stand
The Disney Palace
You'd be proud of us....  We did several rides including the Roger Rabbit toon town cars, the 'Lovely World' boat journey, Canadian canoeing, Mississippi boat ride, and a 'Stitch' light show with animated birds, flowers, and totems. May have done more if the queues hadn't been absolutely horrendous - but then - it is Disneyland, what do you expect!!  A colourful and musical day; I can understand why kids would get hooked.  

Left Disneyland at around 3.45pm having started to get extremely cold and numb, and nipped back to Mangia Mangia for a nice Christmas dinner of pasta, and bottle of vino!  The Manager remebered us from our first visit and came to ask how we were enjoying our stay - he explained that at Disney - there are actually two resorts:  Disney Land and Disney Sea.  Obviously we know about Disney Land; Disney Sea is apparently a more adult targeted resort (whatever that means - faster/bigger rides maybe?).  He also felt it necessaary to tell us that this Sea resort sells alcohol!!!  Have we got a reputation from drinking just one bottle of wine with a meal?

Finishing off the lovely day by doing some more laundry!!  Merry Christmas Everybody...

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